​​​The two boys in these pictures are our two youngest. They're the inspiration behind the very creation of our organization and its original "upside" mission back in 1998 when Tommy was a newborn (Tommy's Story) and Steve was two (Steve's Story)

With the introduction of Down syndrome into our family's life, a clearer focus on the Upside of everything had come  into view. Daily life with our special needs boys brought new insights - about life and faith and family and making the absolute most of the gifts God gave us.  And those insights developed into a newer, broader outlook, an outlook of outreach and support of others on a similar journey. And so... The Upside of Downs, an outreach, support, charity organization inspired by the journey and the lives of our two with their special needs (which include Down syndrome, vision impairment, Autism, eating disorder) who on a daily basis continue to give lessons on the upside of life! 

​Please join the gathering of parents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, grammies, grandpas, teachers, teachers' assistants, therapists, neighbors, cousins, doctors, dentists, faith leaders - EVERYBODY who takes care of and cares about special needs children. Click the Facebook icon to visit our group on Facebook where sharing and caring and fellowship are on-line! 



Founded in 1998 by parents, the Upside of Downs is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization serving thousands of special needs individuals and those who care for them. Federal Tax ID#38-3375526

Our Journey with 

Special Needs Children