The blog addresses and links to articles listed here come mostly from postings shared by members of our Facebook group - "Upside of Downs Umbrella." Click here to visit this caregiving group and request membership. Members post helpful, inspiring things to our Facebook page and the Upside staff (me) adds them to this list! 

Educational and Behavioral Consultant

Former Elementary School Teacher

Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Research Center


Carousel 51 As parents of a young adult Autistic son, Mike and Katie Sweeney are very active in a number of Autism causes they share in this blog.

​Family Room  Two special needs sons plus their four older siblings are the inspirers, adventurers, and life affirmers featured in this Mom's blog.

I am River A little boy in Tanzania and his family's journey with Down syndrome.

Just Warm Bread A food blogger is sister to two special needs brothers. She reflects on the impact the brothers have on her life in this blog entry "Blissfully Aware."

The Caregiver's Voice - A caregiving daughter turned author, advocate, and blogger brings "hope and strength to professionals and caregivers for adults with dementia through knowledge, support, and humor."