And now, 22 years later, the Upside of Downs, committed to its mission of service rooted in sharing first-hand-hands-on, bright horizon experiences is moving its headquarters to the small, family owned farm of one of the original founding members.  

Once the dust settles from the Upside of Downs' move to its home on the farm, this virtual one should blossom to life with pictures and stories and links and all kinds of good stuff!  Until then pop over to our Facebook page or our Facebook group or Instagram to say hi!  Or share something good from your neck of the woods!  Take care and be well!

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See you up on the farm!
Karen Meier
Executive Director, Upside of Downs

This little family-owned farm in southern California will soon accommodate the headquarters and operations of the Upside of Downs non-profit organization in order to provide the local adult special needs community with on-site, hands-on experiences and opportunities through its Agriculture Education/Community Integration day programs.

The inaugural project of the Upside of Downs was the production and distribution of a small paperback guide and resource book, "Bright Horizons - the Upside of Down Syndrome."  Presented in it, in a real-parent-to-real-parent, easily digested way, were up-to-date facts and general information about babies with Down syndrome along with useful, easily accessed resources the little group had corralled.  Back then in the 1990's those things were a bit hard to find.  The information and support were out there, somewhere, finding them though was a haphazard, time-consuming ordeal.  Our little group felt that information, support, and help should be easy to come by, easy to find; parents of newborns simply don't have time to do research.  We felt all parents, all families, facing Down syndrome should have the upside, the hope, and the bright future of what they were facing in hand and in mind from the very start.  And so the little book, "Bright Horizons," was born!  And distributed free of charge.  The Upside of Downs' inaugural project resulted in thousands of these little paperback books in the hands of new parents, in their "new parent packets," as the little families were being discharged from the hospital to begin their journey on a road less traveled.  

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Our Upside of Downs organization recently celebrated its 22nd birthday!  Since 1998 this non-profit charitable organization has been working, growing, gathering, and sharing the Upside of life!  Much like farmers do when they share the bounty from their bit of earth. 

It was back in 1998 when a small group of parents just beginning their journey with their  young babies born with Down syndrome found each other.  The parents along with their babies gathered in each others' homes to share their ups and their downs in taking care of their little ones.  The small group called itself the Upside of Downs.  From its humble beginnings to present day, the Upside of Downs has held fast to its mission:  be of service to those we love who happen to have special needs and be of service to others on a similar journey.


putting down roots

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