The Upside of Downs organization recently celebrated its 21st birthday!  It's been around for awhile, since 1998, and has been growing up, and reaching out, through the years - always focused on the upside of Down syndrome.  It was just a small group of parents living in a Michigan town meeting up in each others' homes after their babies were born, the ones with Down syndrome.  We shared information and firsthand experiences.   As our children grew so did the number of folks on our journey.  A village of sorts happened. Caring and sharing and joining us as we went along. Not just parents, but relatives, friends, educators, coaches, doctors, therapists, faith leaders, employers - all kinds of people.  And our family rooms couldn't hold everyone, so we did the 21st century thing and moved into a cyberspace "family room." No matter where or how many of us meet, the Upside of Downs carries on its mission. So the Upside of Downs is this website and a Facebook group and an Instagram account. 

While the website is undergoing renovation, the Facebook group and the Instagram account are both up and running - check them out!  Pop in! Post something! Like! Join us in our cyberspace family room! 

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A fellow adventurer on the journey,

Karen Meier

Executive Director, Upside of Downs

Founded in 1998 by parents, the Upside of Downs is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization serving thousands of special needs individuals and those who care for them. Federal Tax ID#38-3375526